Next stop for Train Life: A Railway Simulator: the official release! One year after releasing in Early Access, which was very well received by the community (80% positive reviews on Steam), development studio Simteract has added the game’s final features and content. Train Life: A Railway Simulator is now available on PC and will be coming to PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on 22 September.

Train Life: A Railway Simulator puts you at the head of a railway company. For the first time in a simulation game, this means becoming an experienced train driver and managing your own company. In the management interface you can hire employees, purchase new trains and sign contracts. In the driver’s cab you control the train’s speed, check that the rail switches are in the right position, and activate the emergency brake, if necessary. NACON and Simteract have specifically worked on the train modelling and management gameplay to provide an experience that is both fun and authentic.

During its time in Early Access, Train Life: A Railway Simulator received lots of content: official locomotives (the ICE and Newag Griffins), new regions (Western Europe, the Alps and part of Eastern Europe), as well as many different scenarios in which players need to demonstrate their train driving and management skills.

Simteract has listened to the community and implemented a range of optimizations and features, such as an improved GPS system, more key map information and variable weather conditions. For the final release, the game tutorial has been improved, and new scenarios, controller vibrations and achievements have been added.

The journey of Train Life: A Railway Simulator through Europe does not stop there because the legendary Orient Express will soon be available as DLC, and console versions of the game will be released. As soon as the game is released on PC, preorders for the console versions will be available and will include two bonus items that can be used to decorate the driver’s cab.

Train Life: A Railway Simulator is now available in its complete version on Steam and on Epic Games Store. The game will be coming to PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One and Xbox Series on 22 September, and later Nintendo SwitchTM.

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